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About Technical Care Center  

Established in 1990, The TECHNICAL CARE CENTER is famous in Qatar for specializing in Video Games, Mobile Phones, Digital Qurans and Islamic Clocks, and all sorts of electronics. 

Through its personalized service, TCC has established itself as a leading video games shop in Qatar. We satisfy our customers’ needs by providing the most recent and sought-after games and gaming consoles for Playstation, X-BOX, and Nintendo. 

TCC’s product range also includes Smart Phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy HTC, and the latest in tablets, and computer accessories. We are dedicated to becoming: Your one-stop shop for Video Games & Electronics!

Technical Support: TCC is committed to providing excellent after-sales support to its customers through PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS which carry out maintenance and repair for all types of electronics including video games.

Online shopping: Customers can purchase products online through TCC’s web store at and have their orders delivered.

TCC’s WhatsApp number is +974 6616-7711: Customers can communicate with us through WhatsApp to ask questions or make orders.

TCC is Always having something new and interesting for Everyone!

The Technical Care Center also has a professional workshop for the maintenance and repair of all types of electronics. The workshop is supervised by the General Manager, who is an Electronics Engineer with many years of experience in the field. It has a crew of technicians specializing in the repair of Game Consoles, Mobile phones, and Any problem that is possible to fix!

Below are the services offered by our workshops:


  • Screen change 
  • Battery change 
  • Some motherboard issues.
  • Restoring software. 


  • Cleaning 
  • HDMI port change
  • Lens replacement 
  • DVD fixing
  • IC replacement, especially on the Nintendo Switch  
  • We can fix common problems like software installation and hard disc replacement 
  • We can fix PS 4/5 and Nintendo Switch controllers
  • The device Not turning on. 
  • Power supply replacement

Technical Care Center Locations

GulfMall Tcc Games Elctronics Store
Gulf Mall, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 4444 0248
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click here
City Center Doha Qatar- TCC Electronics games mobile store
City Center, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 4488 2877 / 44115255
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here
Dar AL Salam Doha Qatar
Dar Al-Salam Mall
Tel: 44430110
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here
Hyatt Plaza, Doha, Qatar
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here
Land Mark Mall Doha Qatar
Land Mark Mall, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 44865842
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here
Al nasr doha Qatar
Al Nasr, Al-Mirqab Al-Jadeed St.
Tel: 44444248
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here
Salwa road Qatar
Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 44680300
Location Map: Click Here
Salwa road Qatar
Tawar Mall, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 4444 0284​
Location Map: Click Here
Store Video - Click Here

Palms Mall , Doha, Qatar
Villaggio Mall (kiosk) , Doha, Qatar
Tel: 4441 5188​
Location Map : Click Here
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City Center Parking Level: 4488 2877
Al Mirqab Aljadeed Str: 4432 5014
Landmark Mall: 4488 7492
Dar Alsalam Mall: 444 30110
Gulf Mall: 4444 0248
Villaggio: 4441 5188

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