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Online Store for Smart Product in Qatar

Online Store for Smart Product in Qatar

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Anker Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro B2B with WiFi and Bluetooth Anker Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro B2B with WiFi and Bluetooth
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Brand: Anker Model: 1209085
FULL BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS: Track your daily progress and monitor 16 detailed measurements of your body including weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and even your standing heart rate.ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGH ACCURACY: The sensitive ITO-coating technology on Smart Scale P2 Pro all..
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Brand: MI Xiaomi Model: 0800831
Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Prosuper clear image quality, upgraded AI3 million pixels | 360° panorama | Full colour in low-light | AI human detectionUpgraded 3 million pixels for an even clearer displayMi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro Newly upgraded 3 million pixels, up to 2304 × 1296 resolut..
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Brand: MI Xiaomi Model: 0800813
Xiaomi Mi 360º Home Security Camera 2K, Your Home, and Your Baby will be Safer2K video resolution - Dual-band WiFi - Bluetooth - Alexa - Google HomeKit - Facial recognition - Privacy mask - Baby crying detector - WhiteHaving a child changes your life because you start to be more concerned about your..
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Brand: Porodo Model: 1204091
Porodo Lifestyle Smart Tracker makes you not forget your belongings and keeps your things safe. This product is too useful for those who use to forget most of their things everywhere and can’t remember where they put their things but with this magical product, it is possible to even find your things..
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Brand: Powerology Model: 1208054
2 In 1 Smart PencilRecharge time: 1 hourWorking time: 8 hoursAluminum shell, ø2mm TipUniversal Mode: Tap pen cap, Blue light enables universal mode. Compatible on all iOS and most android devices.iPad Mode: Tap pen cap, Green light enables palm-rejection mode. Compatible on 2018-2020 iPad models...
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Brand: Green Lion Model: 1213163
High-speed chargingSupport PD charging up to 100W. This USB-C hub provides one Type-C pass-through Female port by which you could securely charge your laptop while connecting multiple peripherals for data transferring and worry-free power storage.Ultra HD-4KOutput & triple display: mirror or ext..
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Brand: Porodo Model: 1204058
Speed up and make your design better,  stay stylish with Porodo Universal Pencil. It has pixel-perfect precision to help you with your quality of work. Universal Pencil also has a magnetic attachment and it can be at your service for 12 hours every time you charge the Universal Pencil..
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Brand: MI Xiaomi Model: 1106067
Easy to Set-Up in Only Three Steps: Attach Mi Box S to your HDMI port on your television, connect to the internet using Ethernet or 2.4ghz/5ghz Wifi, and start accessing your favorite stream or gaming apps.Android TV & Play Store Native Support: compatible with Play Store apps and premium conten..
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Brand: Digitplus Model: 1219012
Digitplus 5 In 1 Wireless Charger With Time Display 25 W..
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Brand: Digitplus Model: 1219011
Digitplus 6 In 1 Wireless Charger With Desk Lamp 30W..
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Brand: Brands Model: 0800821
Nano Digital is Liquid Level Meter from SHAMI helps you to know the water level or any type of liquid in the tank while you are at home or in the office, it is as important as the fuel meter of the car or battery sign of the mobile available now in TCC- Technical Care Center Doha, Qatar. It consists..
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Digitplus Intelligent 3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Fast Charge 25W
Brand: Digitplus Model: 1219002
Digitplus 6 In 1 Wireless Charger With Desk Lamp 30W..
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