The technical care center devises innovative methods to train staff to work collectively and find solutions to problems through communication and cooperation

In its efforts to provide the best service to its customers, The Technical Care Center has organized a workshop to educate employees on effective teamwork and finding solutions to problems through communication and cooperation among them.

TCC (Technical Care Center)  is one of the leading companies in Qatar in the field of video game consoles USA System and is always keen to stay on top of the industry by providing the latest video game titles and accessories. They also carry the most popular electronic items, such as Apple and Samsung smartphones and Pads, as well as high-quality electronic dictionaries, Digital Islamic devices, Quran pen reader, and Islamic Clocks.

TCC is committed to providing excellent after-sales support to its customers through a PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP that carries out hardware and software maintenance and repair for all types of electronics including video games and iPhone, iPad, and the like.

Mrs. Lina Mousselli, head of Training and Development says that TCC conducts monthly training for their employees throughout the year to develop expertise in the area of ​​the latest electronic devices and maintenance techniques, and customer service. TCC is also keen to implement innovative and fun ways to train its employees.

In this sense the idea of ​​building bridges came about, where the staff actually builds bridges, to develop cooperation amongst them, and encourage them to work as a team. Following is an explanation for this activity:

Materials needed: a lot of newspapers and a number of adhesive tape rolls. 

 The method: Divide the staff into groups of 4 to 6 people and ask each group to build a bridge using adhesive tape and newspapers only. The bridge must be strong enough to stand on its own and allow two people to pass underneath it at the same time. It cannot be supported by a wall, a piece of furniture, anyone, or anything... The bridge should be free-standing without any support!!

Each team is given 10 minutes to plan and discuss the mode of action. Then they are given 15 minutes to implement the plan and build the bridge on the condition that there is no talking; the work must be done in complete silence.

When the time limit expires, a spokesperson for each group talks about how his group built the bridge and explains how well his team worked together, and whether their plan was successful.  Then the bridges are tested by allowing two people to pass underneath each one of them at the same time. Finally, a judging panel chooses the winning bridge.

Mr. Anas Ataya, Purchasing Manager, commented on the importance of this type of training where the staff build bridges of cooperation among each other and learn how to work as a team, in addition to ensuring proper planning before work. He added that when the plan is good it leads to success, and a poor plan requires more time and effort and always leads to failure.

Mr. Anas Jarah Manager of TCC’s branches exclaimed that this training was very successful in both theoretical and practical terms, as it differs from traditional training that requires the employee to remain in his seat for long periods of time and sometimes may be boring and useless.

Then Mr. Shadi Aker, an experienced salesman in TCC’s City Center branch, explained that TCC’s monthly meetings and training have been the foundation stone in the company’s vision, which is to boost the employees’ potential and encourage them to improve their efforts for the advancement of the company, each according to his job. He added that TCC’s training is not limited to theoretical issues, but also includes a diversity of practical activities. And this was very evident in the Bridge Building activity which was a wonderful example of proving that goals cannot be achieved without the collective efforts of all the employees; emphasizing that the success of any company can only be achieved through the combined forces of the staff for the mutual benefit of all.

Engineer Erfan Selo, General Manager of TCC stated that the Technical Care Center is a prestigious Qatari company, which was founded in 1990, and has contributed a lot in the fields of education and entertainment.  TCC’s branches can be found in most of the malls in Doha under the names; Technical Care Center or Dream Station. The company is always eager to keep pace with scientific and technical development and to provide the best possible services to its customers in all segments of the Qatari society by educating its employees.

  Mr. Selo thanks TCC’s valued customers for trusting it to provide them with the highest quality of goods and services that compete with the market always.