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Huawei Watch FIT New Smartwatch - Sakura Pink

Huawei Watch Fit New Edition Pink Sakura, 1.64-inch screen, HD resolution, and great internal power

1.64" AMOLED screen - HD resolution - Different spheres - Heart rate sensor - SpO2 - 96 sports modes - Light weight - Up to 10 days - Sakura Pink

With a magnificent 1.64" rectangular AMOLED screen and an HD resolution of 280 x 456 px, the new Huawei Watch Fit New Edition The Sakura Pink color gives you an ultra-clear and wide viewing experience. Its automatic brightness adjustment gives you better viewing in bright sunlight, while its six Always-On watch faces allow you to express your personal style and mood on any given day.

Many more spheres

Customize the Huawei Watch Fit New Edition theme to match your everyday style with various colorful watch faces. In addition to the official ones, there are plenty of awesome watches faces on the Watch Face Store for you to choose from. And you can also customize yours with any photo from your mobile device. so same, the matte textured clock frame will match Pairs perfectly with the colorful, soft straps for a premium, solid design.

More features like weather and heart rate, fully customizable

The features that matter on the watch face can now be easily customized. Because the new Huawei Watch Fit New Edition allows you to adapt things like weather, heart rate, steps, battery life, and more. Others can be freely selected and set to a suitable position according to your viewing habits.

Weight only 21 grams, slim and light

The incredibly thin and light Huawei Watch Fit New Edition packs improved battery performance at just 21 grams, making it the go-to companion. ero perfect for all day. With dual chipset architecture and power-saving algorithms, this watch can last up to 10 days. And its fast charging technology, the watch can last a whole day with a 5-minute charge.

Private coach on your watch

Start training at any time with Huawei Watch Fit New Edition and you won't have to search for exercise videos on Youtube. This watch offers you 12 kinds of quick animated workouts like Workout Exercise, Full Body Stretch, Abdominal Exercise... So on. Likewise, it has 44 standard movement exercises. Make the most of your downtime, like coffee breaks. or the leisure hours of the weekend, to keep fit with this smartwatch.

96 training modes

Huawei Watch Fit provides you with accurate and real-time training metrics for its 11 sports modes, such as running, swimming, and cycling. The 85 personalized training modes allow you to unleash your potential, whether it is Whether you're practicing yoga or doing high-intensity interval training, the watch also tracks your real-time heart rate, calories, and workout duration.

Built-in GPS sensor, 5 ATM, and AI heart rate algorithm

With a built-in GPS sensor, 5ATM, AI heart rate algorithm, and innovative sensors, the Huawei Watch Fit New Edition is ready to go. made for all the ways you exercise. This watch helps you train better by providing real-time metrics, scientific evaluations of the effect of training, and professional guidance. In addition, it will detect the start of a workout, and you'll recognize it. the type of training and will remember you control it. Whether you are running or swimming, you can track the exact training metrics you need. Once it's done, you can view more detailed metrics, professional analysis, and scientific guidance in the HUAWEI Health app.

Motivated every day with your physical progress

So likewise, the new Huawei Watch Fit New Edition keeps track of your physical progress throughout the day and reminds you to Get up from time to time to avoid sitting for too long. The watch will record It shows your daily steps, active hours, and periods of medium to high-intensity activities in three colorful circles and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete them.

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Thanks to HUAWEI TruSeen™ 4.0, this smartwatch can accurately monitor your heart rate in real-time during the day, even when you are sleeping. And it timely detects if your heart rate exceeds the normal range and sends a reminder to provide you with all-day health protection.

Oxygen saturation detection

Very low blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels can cause health problems. Try wearing the Huawei Watch Fit New Edition and start SpO2 detection with a simple touch. Just a few seconds, it will show It will detect the detection data accurately and give you the data you need. a referral to pay attention to your health.

You will know your menstrual cycle and your night's rest

Track your menstrual cycles and calculate your ovulation date with this smartwatch. will send you reminders according to the records and help you prepare for special days. In addition, it is able to record your sleep status accurately, with its Huawei TruSleep™ 2.0 tracking technology

Release your stress with Huawei TruRelax

HUAWEI TruRelax™ and the all-day stress tracking algorithm can effectively monitor your stress levels to see if you feel tense. Try to follow the suggested guided breathing exercises to release your stress when you are feeling tired. stressed.

Instant message reminder

By providing timely reminders for SMS messages, incoming calls, calendar events, and other social media applications, HUAWEI WATCH FIT allows you not to miss any important matters.

Personal assistance for you

Now you can have better control of music playback, take a photo with the remote shutter or find your phone in a moment with this smartwatch. You can also use other features like weather, alarm, timer, stopwatch, and flashlight.

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