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Resident Evil 4 Remake Gold Edition (PS4) Game

Buy Online Resident Evil 4 Remake Gold Edition (PS4) Game in Qatar

Resident Evil™ 4 Gold Edition includes Resident Evil 4 and two additional items of content: Separate Ways, where you experience the story through Ada Wong's perspective, and the Extra DLC Pack, which contains additional character outfits as well as useful weapons and items.

Resident Evil 4 joins Leon S. Kennedy 6 years after the biological disaster in Raccoon City. Leon S. Kennedy tracks the president's missing daughter to a secluded European village, where there is something terribly wrong with the villagers. Featuring modernized gameplay, a reimagined storyline, and vividly detailed graphics, Resident Evil 4 marks the rebirth of an industry juggernaut. Relive the nightmare that revolutionized survival horror.

Separate Ways reimagines and builds upon the bonus content from the original game to deliver an expanded new adventure. The story sees the enigmatic Ada Wong infiltrating the European village controlled by Los Iluminados under orders from Albert Wesker to seize the group’s darkest secret: a powerful substance known as “the Amber”. This dangerous assignment leads to an unexpected reunion with Leon S. Kennedy, presenting another perspective on the game’s narrative that answers lingering questions from the main campaign. 

The Extra DLC Pack brings with it a host of costumes and screen filters to customize your game, as well as an expanded treasure map revealing additional items to find and trade on Leon’s mission, and the powerful Sentinel Nine and Skull Shaker weapons. 

The Ultimate Resident Evil 4 Package  

Featuring the full game, Separate Ways expansion and extra DLC pack, this is the total Resident Evil 4 Experience. 

Reawaken a Classic 

Resident Evil 4 preserves the essence of the original game, now reconstructed using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine to deliver realistic visuals and additional narrative depth to the iconic story that was not possible at the time of the original release. 

Modernized Gameplay  

The team from 2019’s Resident Evil 2 returns to build upon the series’ modern approach to survival horror. Engage in frenzied combat with the Ganados villagers, explore a European village gripped by madness, and solve puzzles to access new areas and collect useful items for Leon and Ashley’s constant struggle to survive. 

Reimagined Story  

Resident Evil 4 dials up the original release’s key feelings of loneliness and the fear of enemies blinded by zealotry, while providing more nuanced depictions of the character motivations and relationships that defined the 2005 survival horror icon. 

Sophisticated Visuals 

Built on Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, Resident Evil 4 delivers breathtakingly photorealistic visuals in 4K, complete with stunning lighting and pooling shadows to create an up-close, intense atmosphere. 

Mercenaries Mode   

Available as a separate free download, Mercenaries mode provides frantic score-chasing action with a number of playable fan-favourite characters from the Resident Evil 4 Campaign

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode 

This terrifyingly immersive experience is available as an additional free download on PlayStation®VR2 for PlayStation®5. Virtual reality brings the full main campaign to life like never before and introduces a new level of fear to the reawakened classic. 

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