STEALTH Starter Pack (Nintendo Switch)

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STEALTH Starter Pack (Nintendo Switch)

Product Description
Switch is all about dynamism and gaming on the go - the Starter Pack capitalises on that. The soft neoprene slip case allows for easy transport of your console whilst protecting it from the wear & tear of a fast-paced lifestyle. Similarly, the screen protector prevents your screen from becoming scratched while the cleaning cloth can be used to keep your console streak and fingerprint-free.

Stereo earphones provide full stereo sound in compact, portable form to facilitate gaming on the move. Pocket sized game storage provides room for 4 individual game cartridges without requiring extra bags or storage accessories to carry them in. This Starter Pack contains everything you need to maximise your Nintendo Switch experience.

Box Contains
Soft neoprene slip case, Screen protector and cleaning cloth, Stereo earphones and Pocket-sized game storage.

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